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Blog Title: What are the latest innovations in the HVAC industry?
What are the latest innovations in the HVAC industry?
Category: Hvac Controls Post By: RICHARD G (Jacksonville, FL), 01/05/2017

"HVAC is an integral part of all our homes and all of us are in search of more convenience associated with HVAC units and this is something manufacturers of HVAC units understand very well and so they have come up with some of the mind-blowing technologies that will make the use of HVAC easier and at the same time the units will become more energy efficient. Thus, let us have a look at some of the most innovative technologies in the recent HVAC units. They are the following: Self-diagnostics: This is such an innovation that homeowners will not have to rely on HVAC technicians for detecting the problem of the HVAC unit. Rather there will be a technology that will help one understand the problem. Smart thermostat and technologies is another innovation in the recent HVAC units Variable refrigerant flow and air purifying technology are also among the most innovative technologies that has become a part of HVAC units. "

- BRIAN L (Atlanta, GA), 01/06/2017
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