Are Smart Thermostats Really Smart At Saving Money

The power bills that we generate out of operating the HVAC send a shock every month. Therefore we try doing all that we can to save as much as possible on power bills. Presently various brands are offering smart thermostats in the market. The main USP of this thermostat is that they can cut down your power bills. If you are not sure whether they are really designed for this, you should know that - yes, they can.

These thermostats can be programmed to maintain particular temperature at particular time of the day on a weekly basis or more than that. They can maintain this schedule till you lifestyle or season changes. They have energy saving setting which can be programmed to come on, when no one is at home. It will be set to turn back up a little before you reach home. You will find the house warm and toasty as you step in. You may feel what is great about that as a basic programmable thermostat can do the same things. You are not wrong. But the scope of a smart thermostat is even broader-

• Programming a smart thermostat is much easier than programmable thermostat. Their modern screen designs and highly-rated companion apps are tuned for easier programming.

• A smart thermostat does not need to be programmed. It can get programmed automatically. After running for some time in the house it becomes acquainted with your schedules and preferences. It will handle the temperature accordingly. Many smart thermostats have powerful sensors that can detect the presence of humans in the house. They can track cell phones of the user within a specific radius. They will raise or lower the temperature if they detect human presence close by otherwise they will continue to operate in energy saving mode. So if you ever forgot to turn off or activate the energy saving mode of the AC or heater and they were running all day while you were out, you’ll appreciate the way a smart thermostat will manage the temperature cost-effectively.

• A smart thermostat can be accessed from any remote location through a companion app present in your smart phone. You can check out whenever you want if the heat’s running and at what temperature is. You can adjust he temperature from anywhere through your mobile app.

• Some of the smart thermostats also have a feature of sending email alerts to the user. Suppose your home’s temperature is falling or rising outside the set range, then you will be notified about it through an email. If the thermostat gets disconnected from its network due to power shut, you will know it over the email.

• A smart thermostat can track your energy usage and show it to you by generating a report on a monthly basis. You can devise ways to change the setting to make the operation of the HVAC even more cost-effective. You can activate the vacation mode when you will be out of town for a stretch. It will return to previous setting as soon as you come back without your need to reset it again from scratch.



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