Difference Between Central Air Conditioners And Split Air Conditioners

When it comes to choosing a cooling system for the home, the battle is often between the central air conditioner and the ductless split air conditioners. In recent years it has been seen that there is a growing surge in the use of ductless air conditioners mainly because of the convenience associated with it. However, whether you are choosing a ductless split air conditioner or a central air conditioner, it is important that adequate research is done in order to strike the best deal. In fact, before buying either a ductless unit or a central air conditioner, it is suggested that one carefully weighs between the pros and cons of both the systems.

Let us now make a comparative study between the two units that is the central air conditioning unit and the ductless split air conditioners.

First of all, as far as flexibility is concerned, ductless split systems are more flexible than the central air conditioning systems. This is because in case of the ductless system, the indoor air handler unit can be installed at a variety of places within the home. One can even limit the cooling or the heating zones when it comes to a ductless split air conditioner. Central air conditioners on the other hand are bulky units and they cannot be installed at any place of choice.

When cooling of a whole house is concerned the central air conditioners seems more efficient because they have the power to cool the entire house through connected ducts while the ductless split systems are not able to cool the whole house. If you want to cool more than one room with a split system, installation of multiple units is a necessity.

The installation of ductless split air conditioners is more difficult than that of central air conditioner because installation of these units requires specific skill and technicians of high acumen. While the central air conditioners can be installed by most HVAC contractors.

Zoned comfort is one of the benefits associated with ductless mini split air conditioners. This means with central air conditioners, the thermostat gets set for all the rooms which means even if a room is not used it will be cooled equally, on the contrary, this is not the case in case of ductless split air conditioners. One can set different temperatures for different rooms. For example, if a room is not used on a particular day one can easily shut off the heated or cooled air from that particular room.

As far as the efficiency is concerned, it is more or less same for both the units. But the problem with central air conditioners is that a considerable amount of energy gets lost through the ducts, as a result of which the unit has to work harder.

Lastly, when it comes to price, the split air conditioners are dearer than the central air conditioners mainly because of its advanced technology and aesthetic appeal

Nevertheless, irrespective of the air conditioning unit one buys a proper analysis of one’s requirement should be done before hand before the purchase is made to get the most out of your HVAC unit.



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