Diy Steps To Install A Programmable Thermostat

When you buy a programmable thermostat, make sure that it is compatible with your heating and cooling unit. The installation of a thermostat may vary a bit from model to model. Read the manufacturer’s instruction carefully before you install a thermostat. Know if you will need a permit to install it. Check out for applicable building and electrical codes. If you are not comfortable about handling electrical equipment contact a licensed electrician. Sometimes the home’s wiring may not be tuned to install a thermostat. Call an electrician to make necessary adjustments.

Thermostats are either digital, electromagnetically, or hybrid of the two. No wonder that digital thermostats offer far more options in settings, overrides, and adjustments, many users are not quite comfortable in using them. The electromagnetically systems have pegs or sliding bars that are easier to program.

When you are about to install a thermostat, always make sure that it is positioned on the interior wall of the house at a considerable distance from direct sunlight, drafts, doorways, skylights, and windows. Make sure that furniture or drape is not placed over it which can hinder it from sampling the room air freely. Here are the steps to install it.

• Turn off the old thermoset. Turn off the power to your heating and cooling system from the main circuit box.

• Take out the off thermostat. Leave the wall plate in place. To be on safe side test the wires with tester to ensure that power is off. When you take out the old thermostat, be very careful about the mercury tube. Also contact the local recycling company to know the precise ways of disposing it.

• Notice the wall plate carefully. Take a piece of paper and four sketch pens of red, blue, yellow, and green color. Make four arrows with each sketch pens on the paper, each corresponding to the color of wire. Now, write the letter designation of the terminal beside each color according to the terminal it’s connected to. You can also take picture of the wall plate with wires connected to refer to it later.

• Disconnect the wires and remove the existing wall plate. Fill the hole around the control wires with a piece of paper towel. This prevents drafts, which could affect the thermostat's performance. Keep the wall anchors, if the present model will fit into them. You may need to remove them otherwise and patch the holes.

• In case of new anchors, drill holes and install them according to size pf the new thermostat. Position the new wall plate. Feed the wires through the wall plate and fasten the plate to the wall. Now connect the wires to appropriate terminals according to the paper or the picture. If you have a Wi-Fi thermostat, it may require may require a C wire. If you do not have it, look at the manual to know how what to do about it.

• Install batteries as needed. The installation is over. Now mount the new thermostat onto the wall plate. Restore power and set a temperature.

Disclaimer: Although these are the typical methods used to install a thermostat they can vary from place. Please consult the professional service provider as the details are for information purposes.




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