Fixing A Noisy Ac Unit

Noise from an air conditioner is not a rare problem. It is quite common. But when you hear any sound from your unit be it loud or just hum never ignore it. It is always better to call an A/c technician for professional assistance. A sound is a signal that something about the A/c has gone askew. Ignoring it will only make the unit worse. In most cases the type of noise is closely monitored to diagnose the underlying cause. In some cases, an air conditioning unit is beyond repair by the time it starts being noisy. Sometimes the cause of the noise is very petty and requires minor work to be fixed. Here we will take a look at the common methods that can fix a noisy unit-

• If you feel that the noise is coming from blower assembly, open the air conditioner cabinet and locate the fan. You may find that the fan is almost caked in dirt. Clean the fan thoroughly.

• If you find that an obstruction has come in the way of the blades, remove it.

• If the problem was not dirty blower unit, check the blades. If there is a slight bent in any blade, it will hit against its cage. You can restore a slight bent by twisting the blade a bit. But be careful.

• If the fan’s belt has become worn or has broken, change it.

• Most often grinding sound comes from an A/c due to an lubricated motor. If the motor is not sealed in housing, you will be able to apply lubrication. Remember to oil your motor at the beginning of the cooling season.

• Most of the time vibrating sound comes from the air conditioner as screws present in various panels become loose. The mounting screws that are holding the unit in place can also be loosened. Fix this problem with few turns of a screw driver.

• Coil fins of air conditioner become dirty. This also generates a weird noise. Clean the fins with vacuum cleaner with brush attachment. Sometimes the coil fins turn bent and produce a humming sound. These may be straightened with the use of a fin comb. Insert the teeth of the comb between the fins and slide it to straighten the bent fins.

• If your condenser is older, it may become noisy. You should replace the A/c unit with new one which will offer you whisper-quite operation with greater efficiency.

• You can buy a blanket for your new but noisy condenser unit to solve noise problem.

If none of these works, a professional assistance is required. Contact a good HVAC technician in your locality.

Disclaimer: Although these are the typical methods of fixing a noisy air conditioner, they can vary from place. Please consult the professional service provider as the details are for information purposes.





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