Nest Learning Thermostat A Review

The new Nest Learning thermostat has become very popular in the consumer market. The device looks smart with a big and neat screen and advanced components. It is designed to increase the efficiency of your furnace or A/c and can also render some protection to it. The smart thermostats when fitted in your house will soon become acquainted with your heating and cooling patterns. It will turn off the central heating and cooling or run it at energy saving levels when you are out at work. Let’s take a look it in details –

The look

The thermostat almost looks like round dial of a watch, a little bigger although. It has a diameter of 8.4cm and a depth of 3.2cm. You can keep it on a stand on a side-table or mount it on the wall. The outside metal ring rotates for selecting options and adjusting the temperature. It almost looks a like big selection button. If you compare it with the previous model of Nest, it would look larger, brighter and smarter. The screen is almost 40% large than previous model with improved resolution and all-round visibility. You will see a back strip at the rim of the unit. These contain the sensors that can detect your movements when you are near it. It can also sense the availability of light and heat from the sun. Overall it looks quite attractive and is a minimalist addition to your wall. It never looks as if sticking out of the wall.

Installing the thermostat

Installing Nest is breeze of a task. The thermostat comes with heat link box. The heat link box will be attached to the heating and cooling unit. It can be wired into a junction box or directly into the heating system, depending on how your system works. The thermostats can be connected wirelessly to the heat linked box or wired directly to the heating and cooling unit. To connect it wirelessly, the thermostat needs a microUSB power adapter, which it comes with. Once you install it, it is pretty user-friendly to operate. It becomes acquainted with your heating schedule in the next couple of weeks and thereby operates accordingly. You can also program it to maintain specific temperature levels at various times of the day and do other fine-tuning manually or through an app. You can set it to switch off the standard home heating schedule or run at moderate levels when no one is in the house. The thermostat can sense the presence of humans in the house by using sensors embedded in its face or by tracking the location of user smartphones. You always can monitor it remotely using the app.


• The thermostat has energy saving temperatures that can be set when you are away from home. When you choose an energy efficient temperature based on the current weather; a green leaf is displayed on the screen.

• The thermostat also has an ‘auto –away’ feature. It also works to save your money by efficient use of energy, if your schedule is a bit erratic or irregular.

• The Nest thermostat does not come with multi-zone temperature control. It maintains one temperature for the whole house.

• The thermostat’s screen remains off unless you approach it. There are two modes in this. One is called ‘Farsight’. This turns on when you’re within a radius of one metre from the dial. The other one turn the display on when you stand next to it to make some changes in setting. Therefore it can wear the hat of a night lamp which turns on as soon as you are near it.

• It can work even when the internet goes down

• There is a switch on the Heat Link Box that can be controlled manually if the other controls fail.

• The Email digests feature sends you notifications about any problem that it has been encountering. It can show you how much energy you’ve used over the last month

• Compared to a standard thermostat, it cut down 20% of energy use.

• Changing the temperature in Nest thermostat is a cakewalk. Just rotate the metal ring to set it to the desired temperature.


• 8 for Features
• 9 for Usability
• 9 for Design
• 9 for Performance

The only shortcoming found in this device is that it does not offer room by room temperature control.


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