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The SPT 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote is designed to cool approximately 400 sq. ft. and has 2-way air circulation to spread the cool air evenly. The preset timer offers a choice between programmable or continuous-operation settings, and the digital thermostat control allows precise temperature adjustment. This portable unit has an easy-grip handle for convenience and casters for easy movement from room to room.

  • Designed to cool approximately 400 sq. ft.
  • 12,000 BTU cooling for powerful temperature control
  • Casters allow easy movement to the room that needs cooling, easy-grip handle for convenience
  • 2-speed fan adjusts to your cooling needs
  • 2-way air direction spreads the cool air evenly
  • Digital thermostat control allows precise temperature adjustment
  • Preset timer offers a choice of programmable and continuous-operation settings
  • Remote control for easy temperature adjustment from across the room
  • Activated carbon filter removes odor Washable air filter collects dust particles and saves money on replacements
  • Dehumidifier functions automatically in AC mode and removes moisture from the air self-evaporation system, so there is no bucket to empty
  • Portable AC must be ventilated out a window via exhaust hose, exhaust hose can not be extended beyond 5 ft.
  • Portable AC are free standing, do not block the air intake vents , Extension cord (1 outlet w/ 3 prongs) with 20 Amp or higher rating can be used
  • Product must sit upright for 48 hours prior to use
  • Fire-resistant PVC plastic housing for durability
  • Leakage-Current Detection and Interruption (LCDI) plug for safety
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