Routine Air Conditioner Service Will Help Reduce Ac Repair Cost

All electronic gadgets need regular maintenance for proper functioning and durability. It is as important as getting your car serviced after every few months. The same go for your HVAC. Most AC manufactures recommend a yearly maintenance of the air conditioner. A tune-up should be done on the unit at least twice a year. They are usually done before the extreme climates of the year – summer and winter. One is done just before summer. Therefore it is also called spring tune-up. In spring tune-ups the air conditioner are serviced. The other is done in autumn just before winter. During this time the furnace is inspected and readied for cold months. Let’s take a look at why annual maintenance of the air conditioner is important-

Save your warranties:

Many manufacturers of HVAC units recommend yearly maintenance of the air conditioner. They base their warranties on this. If your unit do not get a yearly servicing, these warranties become void. Warranties on devices save good deal of money that go on repairs. Therefore it is useful to keep your warranties valid.

Keeps you unit functioning

Routine maintenance keeps your unit functioning at the peak of its efficiency. This saves on power bills. It prevents sudden breakdowns in extremes seasons when you need them the most. Moreover, if you do not have any maintenance service for your unit, then it takes days to get a good technician address the problem. This is because they are loaded with service calls in such times. A maintenance contract entitles you for emergency service. They will come and look at you unit on the same day you called no matter how bust they are.

Small but potential faults are fixed

A stitch in time saves nine” and a problem detected early is easier and cheaper to fix than one that has grown into a larger one simply because it was not tackled early enough. Easy repairs are also easier on your pocketbook. It is not unusual for an HVAC to develop small snags now and then. But if they are detected in smaller forms they can be resolved before they grow into big and complex ones. This can easily happen through routine maintenance. It will save you costly repair bills.

What maintenance should you do at home?

The most important thing that you should perform at home is changing the filter of the HVAC at regular intervals. A clogged filter will not allow the unit to breathe properly. As a result it may shut down, freeze up, or cause a water leak.

Clean you unit regularly. The evaporator coil, the motor and should be kept free of dirt and debris. Ensure that condenser unit is not smothered by shrubs or branches outside. There should be good airflow around the unit.

Check for clogged drain. When the unit is used incessantly, the drain lines get bunged due to build-up of dirt and contaminants either from a dirty filter or dirty equipment. Clean the drain in such cases.





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