The Types Of Thermostat

Thermostats can broadly be divided into a few categories- Electromagnetically, manual, programmable, wireless/smart, touchscreen thermostats. Let’s take look at each of these in details.

Electromagnetic thermostats: These are becoming obsolete. These have mercury unit inside. The mercury unit has coil inside that expands and contracts according to the temperature level outside. However the accuracy of their temperature reading falls short of digital counterparts. Also the purchase of products containing mercury has been restricted or banned in many states. However you can chance upon some models even today. And they cost much less than digital thermostats.

Manual thermostats: A manual thermostat or a manual digital thermostat works with the help of electronic temperature sensor to sample the room air. If it finds the outside temperature has gone above or below the temperature set by the user, it sends signals to the HVAC about action needed to reach the desired level. However, you have to set your preferences manually. In other words you have to fine-tune it physically to get the preferred temperature.

Programmable digital thermostats: It can be called an improvement over manual thermostats. You can program them to fit your lifestyle. For example, if you prefer sleeping in cooler rooms, then you can program your thermostat for a low temperature an hour before your usual sleep time. Similarly, if you want the room to warm up during the waking time, the thermostat can be programmed accordingly. You can cut down your energy bills significantly by setting the energy saving levels during hours you are out of the house. You can keep your thermostat programmed until your season, schedule, or lifestyle changes.

A programmable thermostat would come with multiple features. They can control both heating and cooling of the house without requiring you to switch the mode from one to other. They have manual overrides that allow you to change programmed setting. There is a special feature called vacation override. This allows you to break away from programmed settings while you are away on a holiday for a long stretch. As you come back, you can go to previous setting without reprogramming from scratch. Besides theses, they have indicators to notify about need for battery change, filter replacement etc. They can also change the setting with season. You will know the run time of you’re a/c during any particular period from them.

Wireless/Smart Thermostats: They are a bit expensive. But as evident from the name they allow you wireless operation. You can access them from a remote location. These also learn your lifestyle, preferences, and adjust the operation of your HVAC accordingly. They also customize their operation accordingly to factors like outside temperature and humidity. You can control the climate in your home remotely. Thy will show you energy consumption in real-time and also how much time it requires to cool or heat your house. Therefore you can set a temperature which will not be way down to cool the house faster. You can ask them to shut off as soon as you leave for work and get started to make the house warm and toasty as you get inside. All this can be done from your phone or a web app.

Touch Screen Thermostat

These thermostats could be a programmable, wireless thermostat with touch screen operation. You do not have to press buttons on the main panel. Buttons and pegs often gather dust upon them and look shabby after sometime. A special benefit of these is that you will not need to pour over a paper manual; it is also available on the screen. However choose your touchscreen model carefully. Some models are not meant for large fingers. Some have a little complicated interface.




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