What Is Included In Professional Installation Of Air Conditioners?

When it comes to the installation of HVAC units, there are some who believe that getting it installed by some amateur technician will help them save unnecessary wastage of money. The result is they do not appoint professional technicians for the job. However, such a notion is completely wrong. Rather, professional installations of HVAC units like air conditioners are of prime importance. When air conditioners are professionally installed it ensures that the comfort levels are met and the unit gets installed as per the manufacturers’ manual. At the same time, professional installation also increases the longevity of the unit while reduces the operational cost. Most importantly professional installation of an air conditioner ensures the safety of the people using it.

Now let us have a look at the factors that are included in a professional installation of an air conditioner. Here, it needs to be mentioned that if an air conditioner is not properly installed it will cause quite a considerable amount of energy loss. Hence, there are certain things which are indispensable to a good professional installation of an air conditioner.

In the first place an HVAC contractor should check the size of the air conditioner. This is because only a correctly sized HVAC unit will give the desired temperature benefits. In fact, this is something that will have to be checked before purchasing an HVAC unit. The next aspect that a professional installation of an air conditioner takes into account is the duct work. This is because if the duct work leaks there will be wastage of energy. Thus, when an air conditioner gets installed by an HVAC contractor steps need to be taken so that the duct work becomes airtight.

Generally, the airflow of a cooling unit is specified by the manufacturers’ and during the installation process it is mandatory that the instructions are followed accordingly. For example, if the airflow is too low enough cooled air will not move into the house and at the same time, too much airflow is also not recommended. In fact, the key is maintaining a balance.

In a professional installation just the way the airflow level is maintained as per the manufacturers’ manual, similarly the level of refrigerant also needs to be taken care of. In fact, a specific level of refrigerant is required for facilitation of proper heat transfer in the evaporator and the condenser. Without adequate amounts of refrigerant in the air conditioner there will not be appropriate cooling and hence in turn there will be energy loss.

It is true that professional installation of an air conditioner might be a little expensive but in the long run the benefits you get are worth the investment. Let us now have a look at the approximate amount that is required for a professional installation of an air conditioner. It is reported that house owners spend around $3,692 and $7,134 for the professional installation of their air conditioner. However, this is the estimation of installing a central air conditioner and the cost to install a window air conditioner is around $300.

Disclaimer: Although the above rates are typical average rates that can be seen across USA, they can vary in certain areas depending upon city and the variables associated with each individual project.




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